Now in it's 11th year Wild Wings Photo-Adventures has grown from what began as a weekend with five amateur photographers experiencing the awesome spectacle of thousands of waterfowl, to today's two adventures which cover everything from waterfowl  to  Osprey in the Carolinas.

     Internationally recognized wildlife photographer Doug Gardner takes great pleasure in sharing his expertise in photographing animals that can be  otherwise hard to approach. Whether you're a professional photographer looking for some great stock images or an advanced-amateur, Doug will guide you into areas teeming with wildlife. Up-close and personal accounts have many participants returning year after year.

     These adventures are geared towards advanced amateurs and professional photographers. You will be put  through the demanding tasks that are required to get great wildlife shots in natural settings. Along with Doug Gardner you will start your mornings 1 hour before sunrise as you find your way through dark woods, swamps and marshes. You will learn how to: find ideal shooting areas, locate or call wildlife, build natural blinds, how to use the weather to your advantage and much more! Don't miss this unbelievable experience as you shoot beside a working pro.

• Shooting each morning & afternoon.
• Limited to 4 participants per session.
• Physical difficulty: Easy to Strenuous:
     *Must be able to carry 40 lbs. 100 yards.
           (Ex: All camera gear, tripod, blinds, decoys, etc.)
     *Must be comfortable working out of chest waders.
     *Must be able to walk in rough terrain

(Tundra Swans, Snow Geese, ducks & more)
Eastern North Carolina (Hyde County area)
$450 per person (limited to 3 persons per adventure)
2 Day Adventure (Meals & Lodging Included)
Adventure 1:
Arrive January 22, (6:30 pm) - January 24th (depart & sunset)
Adventure 2:
Arrive January 25, (6:30 pm) - January 27th (depart & sunset)
       Come along on our most popular adventure, waterfowl of the eastern shores in North Carolina. You don't want to miss the sight of 65,000 snow geese pitching into the decoys and the sounds of 40,000 tundra swans as they buzz your head before landing only a few yards in front of your lens. You won't be disappointed; Eastern North Carolina is a hotspot for all winter waterfowl. This is a great opportunity to hone your skills and get some spectacular stock shots.
*Camouflage outer clothing and chest waders required.
Physical Rating: Moderate - Strenuous

Osprey & Swamp Critters 
Lake Marion, South Carolina
$250 per person (Limited to 4 max.)
1 Day Adventure (No meals or lodging included.) 
April 15th - June 15th ( Choose any day!)
       Many seasoned photographers find themselves returning to this adventure year after year. Lake Marion is home to one of the largest nesting populations of osprey or “Fish Eagles” in the United States. You will be shooting osprey in a number of different stages of their nesting period. Nest building, breeding, territorial battles, catching fish, feeding their young, and young fledglings testing their wings for the first time. After photographing osprey in the morning we will head for the cypress swamps in the headwaters of the lake. There you can expect “anything,” wading birds, deer, bob cats, raccoons, song birds, reptiles and beautiful scenics. Shooting from our newly customized Pontoon boat makes this photo-adventure comfortable and fun.
Physical Rating: Easy